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Financial PR

We base our advice on knowledge and experience. The team of consultants has accumulated over 60 years worth of combined knowledge, working with smaller, growing companies across a broad range of sectors. We are smaller company specialists.

The core annual announcements are the Preliminary Results, the Interim Results and the AGM trading update, and the drafting of these statements is key to achieving the message you wish the market to hear. Lothbury will either initiate or take part in the drafting process.

However, during the calendar year there are often ongoing stories within a company which, given suitable treatment, can further enhance the profile of the business. There might, for example, be a new product development, a new contract, or a diary story which reflects well on the company. This is where we excel, as we advise, draft and ensure coverage across multiple news releases to build the story and company profile.

In some ways, the management of negative news is more crucial than good news. It tends to generate greater press interest and a sharp marking down of the share price. The old adage that the City does not like surprises is just as true today as ever but it is important to not appear to be trying to hide any bad news, so once again timing and presentation are critical.

In summary, in order to get the very best results whatever the circumstances, Lothbury needs to become a 'quasi' part of the management team to ensure clear communication and maximum effect.

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IPOs and Fund Raising

The Lothbury team has provided PR advice on a large number of IPOs stretching over 25 years. It has the experience to advise on all aspects, including advice regarding choice of Advisor and the best route to market.

Whilst the majority of listings have been on the London market, in a number of cases they have related to the Austrialian, Canadian and US markets. The timing of announcements is crucial and the Lothbury team are happy to advise on these as well as be available during the local markets working hours.

In the area of fund-raising, Lothbury has an unrivalled record in introducing companies to a network of sources.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

While the level of mergers and acquisitions in the mid/small cap sector may attract less national media attention than multibillion Pound/Dollar deals, they can nevertheless be of considerable significance to the particular sector and market that a company is operating within.

Our approach is to arrange the timing of the announcement so as not only to have the most chance of gaining the maximum attention of the national business pages but also the appropriate trade press. Thereafter, we seek to focus on the implications of a merger or acquisition by arranging for a feature article which considers the future effects that it will have on the company and the market/markets it is now operating in.

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Investor Relations

In the case of smaller companies, this is an area where a consultancy can bring untold benefits.

Lothbury has an extensive network of Private Client stockbrokers, based throughout the UK, to which it can introduce its clients through both individual and group meetings.

The intention is two-fold:- to generate interest in a company which hitherto has not been on the radar of these advisers, and in some cases to introduce additional funding sources to enable the company to grow.

Our experience is that this area of activity is increasingly prominent, and as a result it leads to increased press interest due to the enhanced level of share dealing.

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Corporate and Trade PR

Many smaller companies do not have a dedicated corporate communications facility. The image of a business in either or both of the B2B and B2C areas is essential and Lothbury has the ability to work with the client in developing communication programmes aimed at the appropriate target audiences.

The core of this programme will usually be the trade press relevant to the company. This approach is beneficial in terms of business development, and also where the company is listed in terms of indirectly feeding information to analysts and private client brokers.

Lothbury works with each company as the adviser/co-ordinator of this activity and will in some cases suggest that other marketing/promotional activities are involved. It is essential that all the appropriate audiences hear the same message at the same time be they staff, customers, suppliers, the press, shareholders or the City – this is integrated communications, by which we ensure that every audience receives a consistent message.

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Crisis PR

Most types of crisis can be predicted but the problem is that the timing is rarely known! In the case of most companies they have never had a crisis before and therefore are generally ill equipped to deal with one when it arises.

Lothbury, due to the wide experience of its consultants, has advised on most crises that can arise – from management changes through to fraud and product liability issues. We focus on a client as soon as we are made aware of the problem, bringing in other members of the team where required and operating on a 24/7 basis; this is particularly important for our overseas clients.

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Network of marketing and advisory companies

Quite often when working with our clients, especially on the corporate side, we can see that other channels of communication should be involved and other audiences addressed. To this end we have established relationships with businesses in the following areas:

  • Politics/Public Affairs
  • Advertising
  • Media buying
  • Design
  • Web design & management
  • Data management and mailing lists
  • Market research
  • Event management

We can give clients a choice of provider in each field, providing a 'best of breed' shortlist or individual reccomendation. Our view is quite simply that we advise our clients what is best for them and not just for Lothbury – so no commission is paid to us by any of our 'network'.

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