Bank of England

Account Management

All clients have two account handlers with complementary skills assigned to them. This means that in the event of a person being on holiday or unavailable when a client needs immediate attention, the client will still get the advice of a person who both knows the business and has the depth of experience to advise appropriately.

In terms of day-to-day management, we all know that good intentions count for nothing and it is the execution of them that is essential. To this end we agree a programme of activity with our clients looking over a twelve month period, with specific focus on the immediate three months ahead as a rolling programme.

This outlined programme will change, as is only natural, but in addition to regular contact by telephone we encourage on regular face to face meetings, where practical, during which we review activity over the past month as well as looking ahead for the next three months.

This approach is ensures that Lothbury delivers, and that the client also "keeps their end of the bargain" in doing what they have announced, or providing a valid reason if not! It all goes back to working together as a team.

Effective PR is about working together, planning and delivering as simply as possible.

Experience, Knowledge and Commitment